Training : 2007 US Army Reserve Training - EGYPT

February 08, 2008
2007 US Army Reserve Training - EGYPT
Bright Star Global Security Training

**This is a personal account of my involvement in this mission and not an official statement of the US Army.

Bright Star is a multi-national gathering of militaries of the United States and many other friendly countries that has occurred every 2 years since the 1970’s.  See link for further information -

The event is generally a land, air, and sea exercise with troop movements and simulated battles.  This year it has been limited to a computer exercise and the command and control centers have been set up on site, but not the actual soldiers and equipment.  For this reason the numbers of US soldiers on ground is closer to 2,100 than the typical of 70,000.  Because of this lower number, all soldiers stayed in local hotels and were bussed to Cairo West Air Base (CWAB) for the exercise.  Concurrent to this, 2 airborne jumps occurred in the Egyptian desert.

My role in the exercise was to provide 24/7 medical support to the US and other coalition troops through several clinics.  I was one of 3 physicians manning these impromptu clinics in hotel rooms and plywood room at CWAB.  I was also responsible for coordinating medical care at the airborne drop sites, which occurred in the middle of the desert – but also happened to be the cobra capital of Egypt.  Luckily no injuries or bites occurred on the drop.  The most common complaints seen were GI complaints from mostly Entero Toxic E. coli (ETEC), and also some isolated cases of Campybacteria jejuni and strongyloides (intestinal worms).  Also of a concern was amoebiosis from the local salad bars.  

And no trip to Egypt would be complete without seeing the pyramids, which we did get to do the last few days of our stay.  We were in country for nearly 3 weeks, with nearly 24+ hours of travel to get here from the United States.  Also seen was the Cairo Museum which was a great complement to seeing the pyramids, as no artifacts are still in the ancient structures.

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