A Lifetime of General Wilderness Experience

Will Smith is a very active outdoor enthusiast. His mountaineering, skiing, diving, trekking and endurance race experience not only keeps him in shape, but provides important exposure to the perils associated with these pursuits. Will's personal and professional experience adds pertinence to his lectures and consulting by basing it around his real-world background and potential real-world threats.

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa - 19,341 ft (5895 m)
Pico de Orizaba, Mexico - 18,490 ft (5636 m)
Grand Teton, Wyoming - 13,770 ft (4197 m)
Longs Peak, Colorado - 14,259 ft (4346 m)
Mt. Rainier, Washington - 14,410 ft (4392 m)

Flat Irons, Boulder, Colorado
Sinks Canyon and Wild Iris, Lander, Wyoming
Devils Tower, Wyoming
Los Dientes, Guadalajara, Mexico 
Vedauwouu, Laramie, Wyoming
Exit 38, Leavenworth, Seattle, Washington
Squamish, British Columbia, Canada
Cirque of the Towers, Wind Rivers, Wyoming
Tetons, Jackson, WY 

Valle Nevado, Santiago, CHILE
Whistler, British Columbia, CANADA
Mt. Baker, Washington
Crystal Mountain, Washington
Park City, Utah
Canyons, Utah
Alta, Utah
Solitude, Utah
Snowbird, Utah
Snowy Range, Laramie, Wyoming
Hogadon, Casper, Wyoming
Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Targhee, Wyoming
Crested Butte, Colorado
Loveland, Colordao
Keystone, Colorado
Arapahoe Basin, Colorado
Steamboat, Colorado 
Winter Park, Colorado

SCUBA Diving:
Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Queensland, Australia - deep diving
Poor Knights, Northern New Zealand - deep diving 
Cozumel, Mexico - drift diving
Cancun, Mexico - cavern diving
Oahu, Hawaii - wreck, deep water, and drift diving
Maui, Hawaii - shore diving, cave diving
Penonome, Panama - boat diving around island
Rapa Nui (Easer Island), Chile - boat diving on the most remote island in the world
Lake Michigan, Wisconsin - fresh cold water and wreck diving 

New Zealand - Milford Trek
Peru - Inca Trail 

Adventure Races:
Wisconsin races - Multiple
24-Hour Indiana
Grand Targhee Throwdown, Alta, WY