June 11, 2010
Shhh! Don’t Tell the Medical Director
30th Annual Colorado Symposium on Emergency Care (CSEC)

Mountain Village
Telluride, Colorado

30th Annual Colorado Symposium on Emergency Care (CSEC)

Sponsored by Southwest Colorado Community College


June 11 - 13, 2010

Mountain Village - Telluride, Colorado

Shhh!  Don’t Tell the Medical Director

Friday, June 11, 2010 – 10-11:45 am (1 hr 45 min)


Medical oversight of EMS is becoming more than a rubber stamp of a physician medical director’s signature.  The EMS provider should be interacting with their medical director on many topics such as medicolegal issues, on-line vs. off-line medical protocols, quality assurance programs, and practicing the best evidence based medicine.  This interactive seminar will allow participants to interact with Dr. Smith in an engaging question answer session.



1. Role of the Physician Medical Director

2. Medical/Legal issue review

3. Questions/Discussion of EMS medical oversight



Conference Brochure: CSEC_2010_brochure.pdf

Lecture Slides: Shh Don't Tell Med Dir CSEC 2010 slides.pdf