January 26-30, 2011
Mountain Medicine – ‘Where Ambulances Can’t Go’
Sierra Cascade Trauma Meeting (SCTS) 40th Anniversary SCTS Winter Meeting

Four Seasons, Teton Village
Jackson, WY

Sierra Cascade Trauma Meeting (SCTS)

40 th Anniversary SCTS Winter Meeting

January 26-30, 2011

Four Seasons, Teton Village, Jackson, WY


Friday, January 28, 2011;  4-5pm

Mountain Medicine –

‘Where Ambulances Can’t Go’

Mountain medicine tailors traditional medical skills and applies them to the wilderness and other austere settings.  This lecture explores the many realms of Search and Rescue as well as other wilderness settings and discusses medical adaptations that must be made in each to optimize patient care and minimize risk to the patient and rescuers.


1) Describe the realms of Mountain Medicine.

2) Acknowledge medical considerations in each setting.

3) Discuss treatment and evacuation strategies.