September 10, 2013
Backcountry First Aid Basics
St John's Medical Center Lunchtime Learning

Teton County Public Library
Jackson, WY

Join Dr. Will Smith, MD and Dr. AJ Wheeler, MD for a hour discussion on Backcountry First Aid Basics.  They are both emergency medicine physicians at St. John's Medical Center.  They are also both very active in the field and provide Medical Oversight for Teton County SAR, Jackson Hole Fire/EMS, Grand Teton National Park, and Bridger Teton National Forest.  

Whether you're hiking in the Wilderness, running Jenny Lake Loop, skiing Teton Pass, or biking Cache Creek, this information you need to know!  Backcounty First Aid Basics will cover what to do in the most common backcountry first aid situations.

Topics will include:

- Blisters/Wound Care

- Splinting

- Basic First Aid items to carry

- How to make sure help comes

Lecture Flyer:2013Sept SJMC Lite Lunch Flyer Backcountry First Aid.pdf

Lecture Handout:2013 SJMC Backcountry First Aid Lite Lunch Handout.pdf

Lecture Slides:2013 SJMC Backcountry First Aid Lite Lunch slides.pdf