Excited Delirium and Other Behavioral Emergency Stories

This is one of Dr. Will Smith's most popular lectures. It will be customized specifically for your group's level of experience, areas of focus and desired outcomes.

Excited Delirium and Other
Behavioral Emergency Stories

Excited Delirium Syndrome is becoming a recognized medical condition that’s often associated with in-custody deaths. This and other behavioral emergencies are often some of the most challenging EMS calls. In most situations they are self-limiting conditions, but can be life-threatening. In this presentation Dr. Will Smith takes you through recognition and treatment of these difficult situations. Also discussed is the use of tasers and the impact they can have on the condition of these already hypertensive and tachycardic patients.

Presentation Objectives:

1) Identify the continuum of Behavioral Emergencies.
2) Describe treatment of Behavioral Emergencies.
3) Recognize and treat Excited Delirium.