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Lecture Topics Include:

Mountain Rescue
Avalanche Safety and Rescue
Backcountry/SAR Medical Kits
Get Out! Evacuation from the Wilderness
Hypothermia/Environmental Emergencies
Chest and Abdominal Trauma
Spine Injuries - Selective Spinal Immobilization
Combat Medicine (TCCC) / Tactical EMS (TEMS)
Excited Delirium & Behavioral Emergencies
ACLS Pearls
Altitude Illness
New EMS Technologies
Ropes and Knots
Medical Oversight for EMS/Wilderness Groups
Shh! Don't Tell the EMS Medical Director


Upcoming Lectures

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Lecture Archives

February 23-25, 2017
Six Emergency Medicine Lectures

Will Smith , MD will present the following lectures: Emergency Medicine in the Snow (#16426) Excited Delirium and Other Behavioral Emergency Bedtime Stories (#16240) Bringing Combat Medicine to the Streets of EMS (#16232) Mountain Medicine: Where Ambulances Can't Go (#16298) New and Developing EMS Technologies (#16300) Lightning Strike MCI at 13,000 feet (#16299) Emergency M MORE >>

January 13, 2017
First Response in Cold Weather Accidents

www.outdoormedicine. MORE >>

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