Incident Reports

September, 2006
Wind River Search

  Teton County Search and Rescue was asked to provide mutual aid assistance to Sublette County for a large multi county search in the Wind River Wilderness in Wyoming in early September 2006. They had received word from a lost hiker/peak bagger's family after he had failed to return home from the solo wilderness trip, and prompted Sublette County to initiate the search.  They found the lost person's camp with a journal entry made on Tuesday and the Search was initiated on the following Saturday (his planned day of return). Sunday helicopter resources were mainly used to cover much of the wilderness, but no further signs were found. The search was expanded over almost a week and at the height nearly 100 volunteers daily from multiple search and rescue teams were searching with the aid of 3 helicopters. The teams were gaining access to wilderness areas from helicopter that would normally take the normal hiker 1-2 weeks to cover in the manner that our teams did in 3 days.  As the weather was beginning to come in and threaten the helicopter operations, the search concluded with finding the hiker where he had fallen probably the day following his last journal entry.     

Tip Top Search and Rescue (Sublette County, WY)